Seminar Slides

These are the slides for seminars I've given at my local ACM Chapter (Mumbai a.k.a. Bombay, India).

Genetic Algorithms in Practice: An Image Processing Case Study

30th October 1998
[Word & Excel files zipped to 174k]

This one was on an original idea (I think) for using a G.A. to automatically find a spatial filter that can transform a source image to a close approximation of a given destination image.
I originally wanted to extended this technique to handle other styles of filters & chain them together to allow a user to manually process one image and then say: "Here's what I want my image to look like, now do all the rest of my images for me automatically". I never got down to actually taking it further. There's some C source included.

Introducing Python

22nd March 2002
[HTML zipped to 209k,  online version]

This was a two hour introduction to Python for professional programmers who all knew at least C and one object-oriented language. I tried to include enough examples of use and applications to arouse enthusiasm, so there's a decent list of resources for anyone who wants to learn Python. Some example code is included and much has been copied and compiled from online resources (credited where possible).